Curriculum Vitae

2011-2014:   BKF Academy: Graphic art
2010-2011:   Werk Academy: Art coaching
2007-2008:   Szeged University of Science, Graphic art
2005-2007:   Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Consulting Engineer Training of Colourdinamic
2005-2006:   Buda Drawing School, Advertising Graphics course
2004-2007:   Buda Drawing School, Free-school course
1999-2004:   Budapest Corvinus University, Faculty of Landscape Architecture

Solo exhibitions:
March 2017.: solo exhibition, Jankovich Kuria, Racalmas
th Ferbruary-4th March: Metaphrase, Art&Me Gallery, Budapest
May-July 2013: ’Clouds and Boxes’, solo exhibition in Tranzit Art Cafe, Budapest
Nov. 2011: ‘One Box Art’, private exhibition, Loffice Budapest
Oct-Nov. 2011: Private exhibition in Tokaj Nobilis Vinery, Bodrogkeresztur, 
April-May 2011: ‘Green’, private exhibition in Werk Academy, Budapest 
April-June 2010: private exhibition in Villa Barabas , Budapest 
November 2009: private exhibition in Hilton Budapest 
September-July 2009: ‘Colour reflexes’, private exhibition in Winebar, Budapest 
January-February 2009: private exhibition in Vismajor Literature Café, Budapest 
November 2008: private exhibition in Farger Café, Budapest 
March-April 2008: ‘Spring in Tranzit’ at Tranzit Art Café, Budapest
October-December 2007: Studio Master Art gallery, Budapest  

Group exhibitions:
24th June- 15th July 2017: Premio Combat Prize, Museo Civico G. Fattori, Livorno
20th Mai -16th July 2017: ’Summer Exhibition’, REÖK Palace, Szeged
25th Setember-16th October 2016: ’Premio Lynx International Art Prize exhibition, Trieste
16th-30th September 2016: ‘1 Artist 1 Poet’ group exhibition, Panel Contemporary, Budapest
13th June-21th August: ‘Summer Exhibition’, Royal Academy of Arts, London
6th-26th May: ‘The Line’, Latarka Gallery, Budapest
15th April-28th May: ‘Box Spaces, Collections of the Privacy’, Deak 17 Youth Art Gallery, Budapest
14th -31 January 2016: Barcsay award, Barcsay Jenő Museum, Szentendre
18th November-31th December 2015: Maschienenmensch, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj Napoca, Romania
22th September-6th October 2015: Prophets / False Prophets, Panel Contemporary, Budapest
August 2015: XII. Balaton Biennale, Balatonalmádi
June-July 2015: ‘MFT 20’, 20 years Anniversary exhibition by Society of Hungarian Painters, Szepharom Gallery, Budapest
June-July 2015: ‘Library Toughts 5’, artist’s book exhibition in MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest
May 2015: ‘Who Art You?4’, exhibition and contest in Milan, Italy
May-July 2015: ‘Machienenmensch’, group exhibition in Deak 17 Gallery, Budapest
21th March-4th April 2015: Arte Laguna Prize exhibition, Venice
Dec. 2014- Jan. 2015: ‘Sign, Signing’, group exhibition of the Society of Hungarian Painters, Mazart gallery, Budapes1
October 2014: ‘New Message 2.’, group exhibition of the Society of Hungarian Painters, Újpest Gallery, Budapest
September-October 2014: ‘Analysis’ thesis exhibition of The BKF Academy, B32 Gallery, Budapest
June-August 2014: ‘Summer Exhibition’ group exh. in the Royal Academy of Arts, London
February-April 2014: ‘Ground-scouting’ group exhibition in Szatyor gallery, Budapest
February 2014: ‘Necromonicon’ group exhibition in Latarka gallery, Budapest
August 2013: ‘Balaton Exhibition’, group exhibition in Balatonalmadi
May-October 2013: V. International Artist-Book Exhibition, Szekesfehervar
March-April 2012: ’The Art integrates’, group exhibition, Szimpla Garden, Budapest, 
Nov-Dec. 2011: ’Ezustgerely’ group exhibition and competition, Sport Museum, Budapest
Oct-Nov.2011: ‘Painting through the Architect…’, group exhibition, Salgotarjan, 
Sept.-Oct. 2011: Europe-Hungary-Balaton International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Balatonfuzfo
March-April 2011:  ‘Spring wind…’, group exhibition in Kulturkuria, Budapest 
October 2010: ‘Art stroke’, group exhibition in Gallery Barakk, Budapest 
August 2010: group exhibition in Gallery Jankay, Bekescsaba 
March 2010: ‘Hungaricum 2010’, group exhibition in Friss Gallery, Budapest 
October-December 2008: group exhibition in Museum of Ozd, Ozd
August-September 2008: ‘You Women’ placard at 9th ARC Placard Exhibition, Budapest
May 2007: group exhibition in Buda Drawing School, Budapest

Endre Kukorelly: ‘Here don’t cry anyone’, Elet es Irodalom, 26.08.2016. (LX./34. pp22)
Kata Vizi: ‘Prophets / Untrue Prophets’,, 19.10.2015.
Zsolt Meszaros: Contemporary Catacomb, Muerto, 2015 october (XVIII./10. 997)
Erzsebet Takacs: What is good and what is wrong?,, 25.09.2015
Norbert Vass: ‘Demons Jail in Us’, Uj Muveszet, 2014. April (VII./4. pp47)
Bettina Simon: ‘Necromonicon’, Magyar Narancs, 2014. Fenruary (XXVI./7. pp47)
Lajos Loska: ‘From the book-objects to the video-installations’, Uj Muveszet, 2013 July (XXIV./7. 9935-37)

2016 Premio Lynx International Art Prize finalist
2015 Barcsay Jeno award
2015 Prize of Tihany municipality at the XII. Balaton Biennale
2015 National Scientific Students' Association Conference, Installation catergory, 2nd place
2015 Arte Laguna Prize finalist in painting category

From 2015: member of Association of Hungarian Artists
From 2015: member of the Hugarian Artist’s Book Association
From 2014: member of the Society of Hungarian Painters    (00 36) 30 297 2177